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Certainly one of the most heard MC’s in Europe with a stunning palmares of songs, hosting great festivals and clubs.

MC at festivals like Tomorrowland, 7th Sunday Festival, Werchter Camp, Dance D Vision, Les Ardentes, Sunrise Festival, Groove Garden, Hype ‘O’ Dream, Summer Music Festival, The Ark Cruise,…

He hosted clubs and venues like Ministry of Sound, Pacha Ibiza with Junior Jack and Kid Crème for Defected In The House Parties, Miami Massive at Nikki Beach, WMC Sunset Yacht Parties on The South Beach Lady, At The Villa Group Parties, Revelation Dance … just to name but a few.

Currently resident MC in club Versuz main hall with Delafino, Peter Luts, Dave Lambert, Ken Colt, Sem Thomasson and other Belgian clubbing icons. He’s also one of the most popular and sampled voice in EDM Industry performing the famous accapela 2000 Kountdown The Holy Digit in Syndicate of L.A.W’s famous hit “Right on Time”.