Artist Amplifier offers a professional production and recording studio for use by students of the Tomorrowland Academy to learn the craft of music production in a professional manner. The studio is also available for rental to third parties, providing an opportunity for aspiring musicians and artists to practice their skills. The studio is a full plug-and-play studio.

Equipped with state-of-the-art recording and production equipment, the studio offers an ideal environment for students and aspiring artists to develop their skills and unleash their creativity. With the guidance of experienced instructors, students can learn the nuances of music production, from writing and arranging to recording, mixing, and mastering.

The plug-and-play music studio is also available for rent to young artists who are looking for a space to practice and hone their skills. With its professional equipment and acoustics, the studio offers a perfect setting for aspiring musicians to develop their talent and experiment with their music. Studio’s for rent is coming soon!

Artist Amplifier’s professional production and recording studio is an invaluable resource for students of the Tomorrowland Academy, as well as young musicians and artists looking to take their craft to the next level. With its top-of-the-line equipment the studio provides a unique opportunity for aspiring musicians to learn, grow, and create.