Artist amplifier welcomes SKINC!

by | Jan 15, 2024 | News

Artist Amplifier stands for “discovering” talented and emerging artists. Our latest signing consists of not 1 but 4 talented producers/artists, who together form the collective SKINC. Placing a genre on SKINC is difficult, the guys are known in all genres, as long as it sounds SKINC. Pop, dance, hip-hop or the harder work, SKINC brings it all in an amazing blend.

The kick-off had barely taken place when the group won its first prize, a Nobel Award at the end of 2022. In this short time they released 2 EPs, their own album and some singles, which can be listened to on Spotify!

In 2023, the boys went into the studio and produced a lot of new and good music, the first releases of which will follow in the spring of 2024.

Artist Amplifier will take care of the bookings and assist the group in management.
Attention to all the promoters, festivals, clubs, parties, … SKINC is here to stay! Welcome to the fam @skincnl