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KLOFAMA – he has surged into the hard techno scene as a remarkable prodigy. His distinct signature style comprises thunderous, hard-hitting kicks combined with lightning-paced hats and fast unique melodies, creating an adrenaline-soaked atmosphere pulsating at an unrelenting 160 BPM. This unique blend has swiftly distinguished him from his peers, drawing attention and admiration within the electronic music community. Having secured releases on revered labels such as Innergate Records, Falsive Records, and Altruism Records, KLOFAMA has proven his prowess as a producer. His live performances are a testament to his magnetic presence, igniting dance floors with sets brimming with high-octane energy. At the nexus of talent and innovation, KLOFAMA stands as a rising star in the hard techno realm, promising a future laden with further artistic evolution and continued impact on the electronic music landscape

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